A Taste of Paulette Tavormina

From the Stephanie Hoppen Press Release:

Feast your eyes on the most delicious still life food photography, by celebrated artist Paulette Tavormina. The term, feast your eyes, has never been more apt than when viewing Tavormina’s works.  Prepare to be fully satisfied when you take in these contemporary photographs that capture food in opulent detail.  

Created in the style of 17th and 18th century still-life paintings, Tavormina’s art is sumptuous, succulent and nourishing. Her pieces implore you to delve deeper and examine the fine details of the vegetables, to reach in and feel the textures of the fruit, to steal a plum, or smell the fresh limes. 

Paulette’s work, while very contemporary in their realization, could easily be historical.  It is difficult to determine if one is looking at an Old Master Painting or an actual photograph, such is the meticulous technique.  Her photographs merge this world with the past and are therefore both tangible and fleeting. 

Sarah Percy-Davis, Chief Executive of LAPADA, said: “We are thrilled to be the venue of choice for such exquisite works from Paulette Tavormina, a hugely respected artist and photographer, known around the globe for her high quality depictions of food that one just wants to reach out and savour.”  The UK is thrilled to gain a glimpse of specially selected works, courtesy of the Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, for the annual LAPADA ART & ANTIQUE FAIR Berkeley Square from 25th – 29th September 2013.