Colnaghi Gallery Exhibition in London: Paulette Tavormina & Old Master Still Lifes

This month marks a momentous event for me, the opening of an exhibition of my photographs alongside Old Master still lifes at Colnaghi Gallery in London. The exhibit runs May 23 – June 23.

Jorge Coll, the CEO of Colnaghi said of the show, "We are delighted to be working with Paulette for this exhibition." I feel the same way. It is a dream come true to be exhibiting at Colgnagi with its rich and revered history. It’s truly an honor to have my photographs featured alongside selections from the gallery’s quintessential Old Master paintings.  

This show is the culmination of shared passion and immense dedication; a uniquely collaborative experience in which I was fortunate and grateful to work closely with the curators and their associates whose collective vision is reflected in this exhibition. 

Featured are photographs from several of my series over the last eight years including newer images such as the Orchard Pears, 2016 and Zebra Finches and Tulips, 2017. I had always hoped my photographs would affect someone as deeply as the Old Master paintings have affected me. To have the works in conversation is the realization of my greatest artistic aspiration.  

Art is a continuum; the past and present are timeless, woven together with gossamer threads. When captured in a photograph or a painting, still life gives immortality to a single moment in all its beauty and fragility. I once read an inscription on a Vanitas painting, "Eram Qvod Es." The translation resonates with me, "Once I was where you are now." 

In their press release (featured below), Colnaghi's Coll kindly said, "Still lives are perhaps the most timeless of pictures, so it has been a fascinating process selecting Old Master paintings and photographs for the exhibition alongside such an insightful contemporary still life artist." 

Colnaghi Gallery is located at 26 Bury St, London SW1Y 6AL. 


Featured images:

Botanical VII,Tulips, 2013, Paulette Tavormina

Allegory of the Seasons by lo Spadino (1649-1730)

Still Life With Quince and Jug, 2014, Paulette Tavormina

Still Life with Apples, Strawberries, Watermelon, Boxes of Sweetmeats, Honey-pot and Cask by Luis Egidio Melendez (1716-1780)